Sunday, August 7, 2016

Divide and Conquer

Both fortunately and unfortunately, Hydra didn't need to decide.

Igan, Marcus, and Capricornium glanced down the abysmally dark cave to only get the shape of a few figures. Two appeared as armor-clad individuals and another as covered in robes. It wasn't until getting too close and hearing the Mummy exclaim to its Helmed Horror and Shield Defender to go after them. The two magi, not seeing their new ally Thokk behind them, blinked out, leaving Igan to face the artificial bodyguards by himself.

Down the left pathway, Turbulence and Thokk pushed on. Thokk thought he heard a sound down a corridor to the left. After looking to the left, an arrow nearly missed his shoulder as the Hobgoblins in hiding quickly whistled multiple times and retreated. Turbulence felt he needed to get closer and ran down to fight, Thokk close behind with his go-to spells. As soon as they were close enough, another different set of whistles. Arrows suddenly ricochet off the walls behind Thokk and Turbulence.

Igan summed up his opposition, seen them advancing very fast on his position, realized his isolation, and then ran toward Terrent and Hydra. He must've been a little overambitious as he ran past Hydra and toward the Pyramid. Hydra followed. Terrent set his lantern down and hid in the shadows, waiting for the enemies. In the dim glow of the right passage he saw the two armored beasts.

Thokk and Turbulence knew they would be surrounded and possibly overwhelmed if they stayed put. Both ran back toward when they believed Terrent and Hydra would be. Thokk was able to run back to the fork first, and instead of seeing Terrent and Hydra, he sees two menacing pieces of armor blocking the 'right' passage. He continued running (past the hidden Terrent) and finally met up with Igan and Hydra in the Pyramid. Turbulence, who would've been faster, just had to get another Ki-Strike in on the meanest looking Plated Hobgoblin. When he finally retreated, he has an army of Hobgoblins on his heels. When the three groups met at the fork, The Shield Defender made the first move and destroyed a Hobgoblin ... but was in turn destroyed in a single blow by the Plated Hobgoblin. Terrent got a pot shot off on a Hobgoblin captain and retreated to the shadows again and started setting up his trap. As the ball bearings rolled across the floor Terrent had the notion of taking the fleet on single-handedly. Strengthening his magical armor and floating to the skies, he then cast Protection from Evil. Nearly all of the Hobgoblins missed, all except for the Warlord who dealt a deep penetrating lacerations to the wind genasi. Terrent poured oil on over the ball bearings and hid in the shadows and waited for the first stage of his trap.

Turbulence needed to retreat now, and he flipped and bounced off the cave walls toward the pyramid. The Hobgoblins in pursuit slipped on the ball bearings. Tennet used this opportunity to light them on fire and escape down the hall guided only by a candle. After the team was all together in the pyramid, Igan Arcane Locked the door. After a few hours of beating on the door the Hobgoblins left. Resting sufficiently, the group left the pyramid again. At the fork was a message by the Hobgoblins: 23 Cynidecean heads on pikes and the writing in their blood to try to stop them.

Thokk casted Invisibility on himself and decided to go off on his own while the rest decided what to do. The trap door opened beneath him, and dropped him 7 stories and into a cage. The rest of the group advanced after a 5 minute delay and they too sprung a trap door. Fortunately, all except Igan were quick enough to be safe. Igan also tumbled down 7 stories and into a cage.

-----Player Info-----
Due to the Dublin Irish Festival I'm a little behind...

You're all level 5 ... I'll get real XP next time.