Sunday, March 13, 2016

A New Face Joins the Fray

To continue with our story, we must first go back to the desert outside. Unlike the four Genasi that found each other for refuge, a Half-Orc Hermit by the name of Thokk Sula. He faced the same dangers as the other four, but alone, as the hermit he is. He was as the point of exhaustion when he found the ruined walls of the city. Reinvigorated with a new strength he quickly follow the only signs of life he's seen in over a week, a group of five men wearing long robes and frog masks. Into the pyramid he went, but always a few steps behind. He entered a room with three large bronze cylinders that ran from ceiling to floor. Opening the center tube he gazed down the ladder at the head of one of the Frog-clad men.

The four Genasi meanwhile, were preparing to reenter the storeroom with the Giant Fire Beetles. As Turbulence opened the door, he sees five Cynidicean men each adorned with Frog masks and long flowing capes. One sees the light of his torch and give a hearty battle cry and throws a spear ad the door. Turbulence, in a desire not to be wounded, allows the Cynidicean the privilege of hitting the door. Turbulence barges through the door to rush upon his new foe. Thokk decides that now is the time to act as he falls on the Cynidicean at the foot of the ladder sending him to the ground. His impulsive behavior quickly results in him being surrounded by three of the men and being sliced by their swords. One of the Cynidicean seemed   Terrent jolts in and fires a shot crushing through the wooden mask and skull in one shot. Hydra wounded one and Igan fired Magic Missiles killing two of the of their enemies. Terrent kills one of the two remaining Cynidiceans while Turbulence, wanting to get information, simply knocks the crazed looking survivor out.

While Hydra and Igan are interested in meeting their silvery Half-Orc accomplice, Terrent leaves Turbulence to loot the bodies while he investigates the unusual brickwork in the hallway. After removing the masks, the group finds the Cynidiceans to be very pale, very thin, humans with red eyes. The living Cynidicean that Turbulence and Thokk tied to ladder's eyes looked as bloodshot as the deceased. The interrogation didn't prove fruitful as without the mask, their enemy shrieked and cried out "My face!". and when they put the mask back on he only croaked and ribbit-ed. Turbulence left to

Terrent used his time to discover a secret passage. The room was filled with seven Stirges. Turbulence, as always was first to enter through this passage. He quickly rushed in and faces his enemies head first and kills one. Terrent and Turbulence quickly found themselves surrounded. Following this, Hydra yelled "Terrent, hold your breath!" and suddenly released a fog of poison into the hallway with Terrent and the three Stirges that surrounded him. It was just enough time for Terrent to take a deep breath of the poison cloud deep into his lungs. He and the three Stirges fall to the ground. Igan speeds around the corner to kill one of the Stirges. The Stirges suck the life out of Turbulence as he too succumbs. Thokk launches darts of acid from his fingertips taking care of the remaining two Stirges. Igan tends to Terrent and Hydra to Turbulence. The team closes the secret door and beds down for the night to recover.

Thokk, who had first watch, wasn't content with waiting around. He also wanted to see the Sprites Igan taked about. He left the others asleep and headed down the hall and into the room with stacks of crates, but no Sprites. He did however find several fireworks still in good order. Before he made it bask to the room with the others, he heard ... silence. Instead of the screams of "My Face!" from the adjoining room. A peek revealed that there were five more Cynidiceans in Frog masks rescuing their friend. Thokk knew what he had to do, first he cracked the door, then he tossed in some fireworks, and then released a magical torrent of lightning into the room. After the smoke cleared he didn't see anyone, which clearly meant it worked.

The remainder of the night went smoothly and the group was fully recovered. The next morning, after Igan wrote down his dreams from the previous night, Turbulence led the group down the next hallway, past the stairs, and into a room with a dead hobgoblin. No indication of how he died, save a hole in his arm, the team gets ready to press on.

Player Information
Hydra: 145
Igan: 137
Terrent: 164
Thokk: 310
Turbulence: 172

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