Sunday, July 24, 2016

Enter the Caves


... Thokk quickly collected the bone fragments from the nine skeleton guards as Turbulence took the lead. He wasn't in favor of Marcus and Capricornium leading even if they "knew" the way to their home. Of course, other than that minor adjustment to their line-up, nothing much changed. It's difficult to break old habits and everyone who needs to breathe and knows what Hydra can do, tends to favor following as opposed to leading.

It wasn't even a hundred feet into the caves leading to the Lost City before Turbulence recognized a Water Elemental blocking the only path. He quickly turned to let the rest of the group know, but didn't turn back quite quick enough to find himself swimming where he once was standing. Not only him, but the two young magi found themselves face to ... The battle went quiet as expected for the lost crew and additional magic support. Volleys of fire, ice, energy, force, and Hydra even healed the creature once. Igan, Turbulence and Terrent each found themselves floating and churned about inside of their primary target. The bout ended anti-climatically with a small splash.

The group interrogated the two casters they picked up along the way to see if any details slipped their minds about the hazards they may experience, but this only seemed to deplete Turbulence's already low trust in the two. The first fork in the road, when the two said "Right", Turbulence went left. To be fair, he was followed by Thokk, though it's still uncertain whether he wanted to help him or collect his bones after his demise. Igan, wanted access to a teleportation circle went right and Terrent looked toward Hydra to make his decision right after her.

-Player Info-
Hydra - 6,372
Igan - 6,419
Terrent - 6,492
Thokk - 6,435
Turbulence - 6,407

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